Jazz Fest Skywriting Shoe – 2016 Muses Shoe

We were excited to see that local blogger “Confessions of a Glitter Addict” has picked up our theme of good-will by creating a “Jazz Fest Skywriting Shoe” for Muses 2016. Read a section from here blog below, or click here to see the full post. Good luck catching that shoe net year!
During the second week of Jazz Fest (I went the first week and missed shoe glittering – cue sad face), my Facebook and Instagram feed were full of pictures of the lovely blue sky and the various inspirational words that were mysteriously appearing for the fest-goers’ viewing pleasure.
This inspired me to do a skywriting shoe for 2016. For the sky blue, I used Martha Stewart “crystal mint” (which is, I think, a fairly new shade and would be superb for a Tiffany shoe). I don’t usually use this much Martha Stewart iridescent glitter on a shoe since it’s so pricey, but it was such a pretty sky blue, it was too perfect not to use.