Look to the Sky – Dallas Skywriting

Look out for skywriting over Dallas for the 4th of July weekend!

Our positive skywriting messages will reach up to four million people as we take to the sky this weekend for the Dallas fourth of July celebrations. Our skywriters will fill the sky with fifty letters and symbols of hope this weekend. We’ll start off in the Northeast, the cover Central Dallas and Downtown, then head down to Cowboy stadium.

If you snap a picture of the Dallas skywriting, and want to post it to social media, be sure to use the hashtags #PositiveSky and #Skywriting.  And share your story via our contact form, so we can post it to our testimonials page. We can’t wait to see your pics and read your stories, Dallas.

All of our flights so far have been funded by private contributors like you, and we need help continuing to spread the love. We are asking for financial support, no matter how big or small. CLICK HERE to give what you can and help keep us flying!