Positive Sky returns for Jazz Fest ’16

Positive Sky returns to the skies over the “City that Care Forgot” for both Saturday’s and Sunday’s of Jazz Fest 2016

In the sky above Jazz Fest Saturday, Positive Sky will be doing a tribute to Prince and the late the wife of an NOPD officer who died of cancer at 43 years old last week.

This year’s theme, with headliner Stevie Wonder, will be CO-EXIST with HOPE and PRAYER to end racism.

It will also be to uphold the Values of Truth and Trust in the greatest country of the World, the United States, with a Passion for FREEDOM.

Positive Sky with be based out of Flightline First at Lakefront airport.

The plane used for this year’s messages will be Sky Dancer and piloted by Nate Hammond.

Each day of Jazzfest will feature 3 sets of positive uplifting messages of approximately 22 letters each flight.

The mission is funded by local serial entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist Frank Scurlock, owner of the nationwide inflatable rental company Space Walk Express. Scurlock’s development team recently submitted to the City of New Orleans a package to redevelop the shuttered Jazzland/Six Flags in eastern New Orleans.  They would turn it into Festival Park, a vibrant theme and water park which would highlight the Spirit of Louisiana as part of a master plan project called Transformation Village.

Transformation Village is an 8 mile project in Eastern New Orleans and is projected to be a Global Destination with a multi billion dollar impact. The first phase of the project is a capital investment of more than $120 million, and, if accepted by the City of New Orleans, it could be open in June 2018.

For additional information please call: 407-973-4018 or (504) 418-0884.